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Pick of the month-Tips

Pick of the month-On your finger tips
Published in Nestle Milkmaid monthly magazine

1.    To remove tea stains and yellow marks on crockery, make a solution of bleaching powder and water. Soak the affected part in this solution overnight. Wash with soap the next day.

2.   To clean a dirty carpet, liberally sprinkle table salt all over. After sometime brush the salt away and watch the dirt being brushed out too.

3.    To add sparkle to your glassware, immerse them in water to which a little laundry blue has been added. Then rinse with hot water.

4.   If coconut halves are beginning to spoil, wash thoroughly and soak them in water for a few hours. Wash again and use immediately.

5.    To remove rust stains from your vlothes, pour hot water over it. Then squeeze lemon juice mixed with some salt and wash well.

6.   To avoid cracking of a glass bottle while pouring hot jam or jelly, place the bottle on a wooden or aluminium surface and keep a long spoon inside the bottle before pouring the hot liquid.

7.   After extracting the juice, dry lemon skins in the Sun. Pound them and use the powder for cleaning utensils.

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