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Groovy greens and gravies
Published in Indian Express 1997
Some useful tips to add more flavour to your gravies and greens. For nothing like a groovy gravy and the greens ought to stay green, right?
The gravy train
  • Always use ghee or vanaspati with or instead of oil, which gives a good flavour to the gravy, If oil alone is used, it does not get separated easily from the ground mixture, as ghee separates from it.
  • Fry the ground masala in reduced flame, so that it retains its colour and taste.
  • When coconut is used in gravy grinding masala, do not fry for a long time.
  • Little plain sugar or caramalised sugar added to the gravy makes it tasty.
  • When tomatoes are not in season, tomato ketchup and sauce can be used in the gravies. Always use ripe tomatoes to retain colour in the gravy.
Great Greens
  • Cook any Spinach (greens) daily. Greens has lot of iron, calcium, riboflovin, folic acid, vitamins and proteins.
  • Add sprouted grams along with greens, it gives us healthy teeth and strong bones.
  • Pudhina is good for digestion and purifies blood.
  • Methi leaves are good for diabetes. Palak increases blood level. That is good for anaemic patients.
  • Drumstick leaves are good for eyes. Coriander leaves purifies blood. Cabbage cures ulcer and stomach pains. Ladies finger has lot of phosphorous, it gives extra energy to brains. Bittergourd destroys stomach-worms. Boiled potato is a good nourishing food for growing children.

Indian Express


Remove stain without strain!

Black ink stain - Pour some hot milk or curd on that place and brush well. Again wash asusual with soap.

Iron rust - Pour hot water over it. Then squash lemon juice with some salt and wash well.

Tea or Coffee - Apply washing soda on the stain and pour hot water. Rinse ans wash well.

Grease or oil - Place the oil part between two blotting papers and iron first. Then pour some petrol on that place and leave some time. After 15 to 20 minutes, brush and wash with soap.

Paint colours - Soak cloth in turpentine for an hour and wash as usual using washing soap.

Blood stains - Soak the cloth in hot water with a handful of salt for half-an hour. Rinse and wash well. Blood stains must be removed immediately otherwise it will not go easily.

Acids and medicine - First wash with vinegar and rinse in cold water.

Fruits and vegetables - Boil the stained cloth in hot water and rinse with cold water. Then pour some glycerine on the stain part. After 10 minutes take acetic acid in a sponge and rub it on that place and wash as usual.

Turmeric and kumkum - Use hydrogen peroxide solution or bleaching powder immediately and dry in sunlight.

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