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How effective can discipline be?

How Effective can Discipline Be?
Excerpts from Indian Express – New Woman – November 1996

Writes Radha Balu from Kolhapur, if parents are themsekves on the wrong path but lecture their children on discipline, there is bound to be indignation and disobedience and she says, when children are constantly questioned, they will become frustrated and behave badly.

We all need discipline in our lives, although we often give ourselves more space to relax and break the rules than we give our children. I sometimes find myself being especially harsh on my kids in those areas in which I am guilty of indiscipline.

Says Radha, “Instead of oredering children to do this or that rudely, request them, affectionately with a warm embrace because there is no child who can resist such treatment!”

The above lines are my expressions voiced through Indian Express in the topic Discipline.

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